Another Character in the Talking Book Program Story


Gallery Content Description

1st image: depicts an 8-bit style female character named Michelle Raines with gear illustration showing: pencil; caffeine; ADA Accessibility Standards guide; pens; yellow legal pad; trusty laptop; cell phone. The image also includes an attributes ranking showing high levels in: creativity, flexibility, analytical thinking skills, empathy, and curiosity.

2nd image: shows Michelle Raines character at an urban bus stop with a character checklist; items checked off are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism, radio-television-film/broadcasting, public relations, marketing, or related field.
  • Professional writing experience, such as newsletters, press releases, speeches, project proposals, etc.
  • Experience in training and development work.
  • Computer experience using standard software packages, including Microsoft Office Suite. Experience in statistical and demographical analysis.
  • Experience producing public messaging and content for print, radio, TV, or web distribution.
  • Public relations experience, including participation in public awareness, promotional, or educational campaigns.
  • Experience making presentations to groups, such as workshops and conference exhibits.
  • Experience using desktop publishing software applications.
  • Experience developing, reviewing, and analyzing the effectiveness of advertising and public awareness campaigns.
  • Experience working with people with disabilities.

3rd image: depicts an 8-bit style city scene with a large building that has TSLAC on the signage. The character Michelle Raines can be seen in an office window.

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